Jan 11, 2009


By understanding your unique needs, Prudential is always able to innovate and offer you relevant products. We offer a comprehensive range of life insurance and investment-linked products to meet the needs of our customers. And we will continue to enhance our existing offerings and explore new ones to suit your changing lifestyle and financial goals.

* PRUlink fixed pay
* PRUlife
* PRUlife for juveniles
* PRUmajor medical
* PRUaccident plus
* PRUprotector plan
* PRUlink assurance account plus
* PRUlink investor account
* PRUlink syariah assurance account
* PRUlink syariah investor account
* PRUhospital care
* PRUsave
* PRUsave for juveniles
* PRUlife protection plus

PRUlink funds:
* PRUlink Rupiah Managed Fund
* PRUlink Rupiah Managed Fund plus
* PRUlink USD Fixed Income Fund
* PRUlink Rupiah Equity Fund
* PRUlink Rupiah Fixed Income Fund
* PRUlink Rupiah Cash Fund
* PRUlink Syariah Rupiah Managed Fund
* PRUlink Syariah Rupiah Equity Fund
* PRUlink Syariah Rupiah Cash & Bond Fund

* PRUterm
* PRUmortgage
* PRUwaiver
* PRUincome
* PRUpersonal accident death
* PRUpersonal accident death & disablement
* PRUdisability provider
* PRUspouse waiver
* PRUspouse payor
* PRUpayor
* PRUmed
* PRUparent payor
* PRUcrisis cover
* PRUcrisis cover plus

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